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Adhirai Karthik's Bharatanatyam recital


3.30 PM - Seating starts

4:00 PM - Program starts

Krishna Vrindavan Temple

215 May St 

Edison, NJ 08837

This Bharatanatyam recital signifies the commencement of Adhirai's journey as a Bharatanatyam soloist.


Adhirai traces her traditional roots to the hereditary Guru, K N Dandayudapani Pillai. Her aesthetic heritage is a fusion of the artistic flair and aesthetic sensibilities of her immediate mentor, Deepa Mahadevan, as well as Deepa's Gurus, the late Usha Srinivasan and Madurai R Muralidharan.


We extend an invitation to everyone to support Adhirai on this significant event as she prepares to carve her own legacy, building upon the foundation laid by her mentors.

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